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rye massage studio

For those of you who are looking for a location for massage away from your home or holiday accommodation, the touch of peace rye studio is conveniently located less than five minutes drive from the hot springs between the bay and ocean beaches. Our cozy home-based studio will easily accommodate you alone, or alongside a friend or 'special someone' for a couples massage.

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'nirvana' relaxation massage...gentle and nurturing for mind, body and spirit
(nirvana is a place of perfect peace and happiness, like heaven....)

Imagine a state of relaxation so deep that you may just fall asleep...drift away to another place while your body is gently and rhythmically encouraged to let go of every last remnant of tension...a massage of stress relieving bliss...
60 minutes - $85
90 minutes - $125

therapeutic massage...firm but relaxing, with attention to detail.  A massage that is relaxing but at the same time personalised to relieve specific areas of stress and tension; easing tired muscles and promoting a relaxed feeling of wellness. This is a massage that provides stronger pressure for those areas that need it whilst still promoting an overall feeling of relaxation.
60 minutes - $85
90 minutes - $125

couples massage
Request a couples massage and we will provide two therapists so that you can enjoy your massage simultaneously with a friend or partner.
relaxation/therapeutic 60 minutes - $180
90 minutes - $260
heavenly treat 60 minutes - $210
indulgence 75 minutes- $250

'heavenly treat'

Combine a relaxing 30 minutes of massage with any one of our 30 minute treatments for a mini treat.... you choose where you'd like the time spent in your massage, but most enjoy the back, neck and shoulders...mmm
60 minutes - $100

'inner peace'

Enjoy this Balinese inspired massage designed to coax your mind and body into deepest relaxation by treating the whole body in a surprising blend of flowing strokes and gentle but firm pressure.  Soothing to nerves and muscles, the frangipani (known as the tree of life) oil will relax the mind, moisturise the body and soothe the soul.

Surrender into total relaxation and peace, and just let go.....

75 minutes $120

'indulgence' massage
75 minutes of indulgence...succumb to sensation with natural oils, hot towels, organic moisturising and massage lotions and of course our massage of stress relieving bliss...includes a 'mini facial' incorporating a cleanse, gentle exfoliation and massage/moisturising with "Glory Oil" by EcoSonya.
75 minutes - $120

'moana' ("moh-ah-nah”) massage (for the ladies)
A Hawaiian-style massage which consists of long flowing, continuous strokes to energise and harmonise the body mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. It is a sacred celebration of life, creating harmony on all levels of being and releasing energy blockages to restore flow and balance.   It is often described as reflecting the flow and ebb of the sea...deeply relaxing and an honoring of the female form.

60 minutes -$95 

90 minutes -$135 

pregnancy massage

A pregnancy massage specifically tailored for your body; to address those problem areas and leave you feeling more relaxed, less stressed and sleeping like 'a baby'.  for treatments click here

for more information on pregnancy massage click here

'top to toe' perfect pamper

Take the time to totally indulge with this treatment... 2 hours of bliss...
incorporating a beautiful full body massage, rejuvenating organic facial, nourishing scalp pamper and revitalizing ‘feet treat’

120 minutes - $210

choose a pampering treatment to enhance your experience

Spa treatments can be incorporated with any massage treatment.

rejuvenating organic facial
Enjoy a 30 minute facial in total relaxation while your face, neck and decolletage are massaged and pampered leaving you rejuvenated and glowing no matter what your skin type...$55

nourishing scalp pamper
Experience bliss with an extended head and neck massage, incorporating a heated organic hair and scalp treatment and hot towels...mmmmmm


revitalizing feet treat
Relax while your feet are massaged, pampered, scrubbed, nourished and moisturised all while you drift away....$55

(prices subject to change as required)